K.D. Elizabeth
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 123

I’ve wanted to screw Rory Larson for twenty-seven years. Okay, fine, I’ve really wanted to screw her for only seventeen, but I’ve wanted her for twenty-seven. More specifically, since I was five and she dumped an entire container of multicolored glitter over my head.It may have taken only a couple hours for my mom to scrub the glitter out of my hair, but I needed until college to finally get my first taste of Rory.Then things went horribly wrong—and by horribly wrong, I mean she left me in my dorm, naked, wondering what the hell had just happened.Fast forward a decade, and Rory still hates me. Loathes me, actually. Sure, she’ll inevitably say that I did something horrible, something irredeemable, that night all those years ago, but that’s just flat-out wrong. I’m completely blameless in the situation. At least, I’m pretty sure I am, anyway.I deserve an explanation. So ...
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