Scott Walker
Publisher: Firefly Tales LLC
Pages: 80

"These short stories and scenarios let your brain take you wherever you like...think of them as one-page Choose Your Own Adventures where the adventure can take you anywhere." - Amazon starred reviewWhat Are Daily Story Seeds?Daily Story Seeds are short reads - tiny self-contained narratives with elements of the fantastical but inspired by the real-world. Ranging from dark to funny to whimsical, every story has a seed of truth firmly rooted in our current world. In each one, Scott Walker paints a small story but leaves a large canvas for readers to imagine what might happen next.In 2015, Scott Walker wrote over ninety Daily Story Seeds, one each day. He found creative inspiration from the dozens of online articles he’d read each morning and hoped to share that same inspiration with readers by crafting short reads that hinted at larger stories.More Praise for Daily Story Seeds“Chefs ...
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