Jane Retzig
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Pages: 288

A Tale of Two Sisters - by Jane Retzig.Summer 2018. Britain is basking in a rare heatwave. And Hazel and Dorothy Wilding are working together to clear their family farm high on the North Yorkshire moors. The sisters have been estranged for 42 years. And they’re not happy to be forced together now. Dorothy has always been a dutiful daughter. She’s a regular chapel-goer. She never married. And she’s stayed on the farm all her life, working in the family B & B. Hazel, is lesbian. She lives in London, where she runs her own business in partnership with her Gay best friend Vinny.The two women seem irretrievably locked in bitterness. Though they loved each other once. But then two long-lost figures suddenly re-emerge from the past. And the sisters are forced to look back on a much earlier heatwave summer. Nineteen Seventy-Six. The summer when everything went wrong between them. The summer ...
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