Stephanie Mirro
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 323

When the Roman god of wine and frenzies claims you as his own, things get chaotic. Fast.Vampires, witches, and ancient gods. All things that don’t exist. Shouldn’t exist. But after archaeology student Serafina starts having strange dreams after unearthing a Roman amulet, strange dreams that leave her with an eerie sense of foreboding, she starts to wonder. But they’re just dreams. Right?When a mysterious cult takes an obsessive interest in the artifact, Serafina finds her life in chaos. She's thrown into a world that shouldn't exist, a supernatural world, where vampires and witches alike claim ownership of the amulet. Her amulet.As her connection to the amulet grows, she discovers a dark secret about her past. Serafina realizes she must protect the powerful relic at all costs—even if it means one of the people she loves most will die.BIRTH OF THE BACCHAE is the first book in the ...
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