Carissa Magras
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 85

"Total game changer! It makes getting off the hamster of negative thoughts freaking SIMPLE, so you can finally get the results you want in life. I felt like a new person afterward!" - Natalie HixsonThe bad news? Your past has created an internal prison that is keeping you from everything you want in life.The good news? You hold the key and this book will teach you how to set yourself free.Live Life Uncaged is for anyone who struggles with constant stress, self-doubt, or fear of failure, and is desperate to learn how to quickly (and easily!) unlock your secret storehouse of self-confidence, peace of mind, and maximum achievement.In this book you'll learn:- How to consistently feel your best and be your highest-performing self, by doing LESS!- A simple trick to bypass the ONE internal brick wall that has kept you stuck in the struggle despite how hard you've worked to get out! - The exact ...
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