Heatherly Bell
Publisher: Heatherly Bell Books
Pages: 276

NEW IN AUDIO!***An international bestseller***The biggest prank could be falling in love…In this San Francisco neighborhood, a kiss at sunset means you might find your true love. Two best friends are about to find out if the legend is real.Lt. firefighter Dylan Reyes believes the sunset kiss legend is nothing more than a tourist attraction. He's a big fan of exit plans, science and health insurance. But since the last time his best friend Charley was in the city, he hasn't stopped thinking about her naked. One night, and a realistic dream, changed everything. When Charley Young spreads the word that Dylan has kissed a woman at sunset and is now engaged, her prank sets off a sequence of events. Her intent was to keep single women away from the hunky firefighter, but it has other, far reaching consequences.Charley doesn’t quite know how to break the news to Dylan, but he’s been kissed at ...
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