Quan Millz, Nicety Hannon
Publisher: 5StarLit
Pages: N/A

Goddess Young is devastated when her husband Spliff disappears, kidnapped by some crooked cops on a power trip. When she finds out he’s dead, she has a hard time picking up the pieces of her life and finds it spiraling out of control. She loses her home and almost her sanity. She's torn by grief as she wonders how she'll survive without him. She’s unable to find a job and found herself in the middle of her friend, Quetta's problems. It looked like the end of the road for her until she received a phone call that gets her out of the heat, for now. A new town brings about a newfound happiness and love that she didn’t believe was possible. Goddess tries to keep her head above water but it's nearly impossible with fresh dripping wet blood on her hands. Jealousy, deceit, and betrayal rears its ugly head throughout this book especially when she realizes that the dead has secrets ...
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5 stars from 14 ratings
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