Claire Keymington
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 59

They are without doubt, some of the most successful individuals in the world of business, acting, politics and others we probably aren’t even aware of.Will you listen to what Oprah Winfrey, Brain Tracy, Ex-POTUS Barack Obama, Tony Robbins and Will Smith have to say about their morning routine habits and focus? I think you should.In this easy-to-read, very friendly guide on what you should do each day when you wake up, you are subtly nudged into excellence as we examine the A.M lives of these inspiring, successful and rich people; and get wisdom on how to modify our own routines, to give room for greatness and change our life. After finding out this great secret of having morning routines that give structure to your day-to-day activities, I couldn’t help but share the secret with you… and that’s what led to the birth of this book.So dig in, get a few laughs, get upped on your ...
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