Alexia Chase
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 27

Can two best friends find love with each other? Addy and Wyatt have been friends forever. However, they’ve kept a strong boundary between friendship and something more.What happens when two friends start living together? Can they keep from blurring those lines? It might not be possible if Addy keeps doing yoga poses in the living room or leaving her teeny, tiny panties lying around. Is it possible to be friends with benefits? Are they destined to crash and burn? What happens when secrets get shared? Wyatt’s in the house, and he’s hiding an ENORMOUS package. Do you like to feel the rapid heartbeat and fluttering butterflies of falling in love? Then, click “buy” now! Because you don’t want to miss out. Can’t get enough? Check out – The Flip Side of Always and Forever (Wyatt’s side of the story).This short story is a standalone book from the heroine’s point of view. ...
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