Monika Patton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 121

In just eight months, I completely destroyed my life. From the outside, my marriage looked like a sunny day at the beach. Behind closed doors where no one could see, a dark and treacherous storm was brewing.  I was about to destroy everything I had spent years building.  I was lost, completely disconnected from my myself, my husband and my life.Desperate for attention and validation, I turned away from my marriage and into the arms of two men I hoped could save me. I thought I was running from my marriage; turns out I was running from myself.  In the end, these men didn’t save me, but the affairs did end up saving my marriage and making it stronger than it ever was before.This 13-month journey through the depths of relationship hell was worth it. It opened my eyes to who I really was, who my husband was and the radical changes we both needed to make to save our ...
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