Alisa Adams
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 234

A passionate young lass. A womanizing merchant. Is Allana Dundas' life doomed before it even begins?Travel through Scottish Medieval Highlands with a sensuous historical romance full of courage, action, romance, strong emotions and twists. Here is the story: When wild and beautiful Allana Dundas reaches nineteen, everyone believes it is high time she is wed. Her family expects her to marry the neighbouring Laird's son, Nevin Kirk, a ruggedly handsome and masculine young man.Yet, a drunken embrace leads to sparks flying between Nevin and the fair, quiet Bettina, Allana's younger sister. Suddenly, all expectations are shattered.The sisters begin unwittingly competing for the hand of the handsome Nevin until hopeless romantic Allana finds an irresistible passion in the arms of a mysterious travelling merchant from Mull named Kendrick Muir. Undoubtedly, a proposal is not far behind and when ...
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