David Grayson
ASIN: B07P8MY428
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 44

The debut book of David Grayson is a short one-hour unique mix of mystery, horror and thriller that leaves readers anxious to turn the page.Synopsis:An infamous Sanatorium with a bad reputation hidden in the Appalachian mountains. A man who's wrongfully found himself there by the noble actions of his past. As he begins to witness strange events he cannot explain, he soon realises that the true horrors lie not inside his prison walls; but outside in the woods of the mountain. As time starts running out and danger starts to close in, he will have to fight for his freedom and, ultimately, his survival.ROBINSON ★★★★★ - "It’s a good short read that you can finish in a few hours. The atmosphere outside the asylum is very intriguing and explained very well; you almost feel like you are there yourself. I also like how Ed observed a lot of the key events from his window, it really felt like the ...
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