Celine Simpson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 370

Terraleise turns 18, only to discover she is now gifted with the elemental power of Earth. Terra grew up on the outskirts of the town of Lex in the Kingdom of Lygot, where the only food Terra and her family ate was the food she caught, if she was lucky. The only thing about elemental gifts are that, the only people to have them are those that have royal blood.Childhood friends with Prince of Lygot, Terra confides in Silas only to quickly discover that she is about to be thrown into a life she never dreamed to be a part of, discovering all of the secrets entwined with her past, and her future.The Heir to a Kingdom that has been overthrown by a corrupt branch of her very own blood line, Terra and Silas journey across the ocean to ensure the era of peace that has long since held does not end. The time before peace brought with it unspeakable horrors. Time is running out to keep Vaashaa ...
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