Tamie Dearen
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 202

A standalone romance! Read the series in any order! Previously titled "Wrangled by the Watchful Cowboy."His best friend’s little sister may be off limits, but she's the only thing on his mind!Cord can’t believe his eyes. The gorgeous woman he just met doesn’t look anything like the gawky thirteen-year-old he remembers hanging around at his best friend’s house. Hoping to impress her, Cord finds himself volunteering to ride a bull in the rodeo. Has Jessica stolen his good sense along with his sanity? When his best friend asks him to keep all the cowboys away from Jessica, Cord agrees to be her secret guard. But who will protect her from him?Who does Jessica Powell run into at Sage Valley Ranch, but Cord Dennison, her secret crush since she was in seventh grade. But after her last bad relationship, she’s sworn off dating until she finishes her degree. She refuses to think about Cord and ...
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5 stars from 101 ratings
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