Lindsey Hart
Publisher: Passion House Publishing
Pages: 215

What do you do when you wake up in bed next to an Adonis God with a wedding band on your finger and no recollections of the night before?Except for maybe one single memory where you lost a hand of cards to the sexy stranger and agreed to marry him. Seriously, how drunk was I?!Well, whatever the case, you sure as hell do not agree to stay married to the Greek God and be his wife!I mean what if he had a crooked dick or something. There was bound to be a catch, right?Because why the hell would he want the plain-Jane-ME as his wife?Alright, so he did say he needed to get married fast and it would save him from actually having to find someone, date them, propose, and go through months of wedding planning.But like how the freaking hell is that a valid reason?!And now, he is asking me for a weekend to prove that we are perfect for each other?I should outright refuse, right? Especially when my ...
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