Fiona Faris
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 400

Love for her brother, and love for his clan is what brings them together to defend against a common enemy…Milly would do anything to save her brother, even get married to the man who had rejected her.Walking into MacKenzie Castle, little did she know she would be walking into a desperate marriage proposal from the one man she hated above all others. There was no way she would marry Nathan MacKenzie, unless he agreed to do something for her first…Nathan MacKenzie was not supposed to be Laird. He didn’t want it, but when his father is killed in a Jacobite uprising, Nathan is thrust into a role he was not prepared to take.Without a wife, Nathan runs the risk of being cast out and the lairdship to fall into the hands of his greedy cousin Elias MacKenzie.Milly is his only choice, but he has to help her first.How can they put the past aside and uncover their deepest feelings?*If you ...
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