Kay Elle Parker
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 231

One Lord.One Commander.One Queen to be.Who will reign over the Shadow realm when the axe falls?All hell is about to break loose in the Shadow realm.Literally.Born to a mortal woman and an archangel father, Allianna is a breed apart from others. So much so, she has been the ward of the Lord of Shadows and his Second-in-command since birth and raised to become the Queen of Shadows. However, she's not the quiet little bride they might wish her to be. She's strong and feisty, and knows her own mind. But where there is a monarchy, there are those who would do anything to wear the crown...As Lord of Shadows, Kian longed to be more, to rise above being Lord and lay hands on the coveted Kingship. An impossibility without the right bride at his side. With Allianna set to be his Queen, the Kingship is within his grasp once the marriage is consummated. But Kian hides more than just secrets within ...
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