Samantha Holt
Publisher: Helstone Press
Pages: 115

The Templetons have inherited a fortune but there's a catch...Theo, the Marquis of Eastbrook, has the easiest of tasks. At least the rest of his family thinks so. Return to his entailed estate and remain there for two months. It should be simple…But he has refused to set foot there since the death of his wife. Theo will do what he must for his family. It’s just, well, he almost forgot his ward still resides there. Lucy Jameson is all grown up. Very grown up. So much so that it is becoming distracting. Not only is she attractive but she’s determined to show him how much she’s been looking after his house. The indomitable Lucy can run a household with all the talent of a woman twice her age apparently. Every moment around her is like torment—knowing he cannot, must not touch her. These two months were going to be challenging enough and now they’ll be even harder knowing he’s attracted to ...
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