Jenn Vakey
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 416

Eden was the last known city on Earth. It had been four hundred years since humans gathered together and built the wall. The one that sealed the remaining people inside. More importantly, it kept the Tainted out. Soldiers who had been infused with the abilities of supernatural beings to help their sides win The Great War. That was before they turned against the humans.Leeya Harkins always believed the stories about people inside the city displaying Tainted abilities was just that. A story, fairy tales to keep children in line. Especially the part about the government secretly killing them, along with the rest of their family.That was until the day her twin sister did something remarkable. Impossible.If the rumors were correct, that must mean the others were too. The ones about the secret city outside of the wall. A city of Tainted. The only place they would be safe now.Leeya would do ...
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