Abby Ayles
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 756

She has always been his heart.He has always been her dream. Nothing will keep them apart. Helena Leeson always knew where she wanted to spend her life: by Elias Repington’s side, the childhood friend who has now grown into so much more in her heart. Her father’s actions, however, plunge her family into a scandal with dire consequences for all. Will anything be left once this ordeal is over or are her dreams lost to her forever?Elias Repington, the Viscount of Chatleton, returns from Cambridge to find his childhood friend turned into a woman that steals his breath away. Now, he must undertake the most crucial mission of his life: solve the mystery that destroys her family, before it’s too late. Will he succeed in thwarting this disaster before it robs him of everything he ever wished for?Two halves of the same heart, Elias and Helena must fight to uncover the cruel conspiracy that ...
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