Dick Sutphen
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A self-taught Master Hypnotherapist, Dick Sutphen has forged his own path in art, design and hypnosis. His 23 metaphysical books, his thousands of seminars, hypnosis and meditative programs have changed millions of people's lives since the 1960s.For those who love him and those just finding out about this remarkable man, Dick has filled these pages with wisdom from his Master of Life writings, along with his personal pictures and stories from his youth.Many are not aware that before his amazing career in Hypnosis, he was a "Ad-Man," an Art Director working both with top Agencies and in his own company.Dick taught millions about Past-Life Regression in his 1976 best-selling book, "You Were Born Again to Be Together."In 1977, Dick was the first to offer Hypnosis on cassette tapes.By the 1980s, Dick was known throughout the world as having the most innovating seminars on Past-Life ...
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