BJ Hanlon
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 346

He has become everything he hates. Now he must run from everything he knows.17-year-old Edin longs for adventure. Languishing in his little town in the middle of nowhere called Yaultan, he is desperate to become one of the Por Fen–monks of the church whose sole job it is to hunt down and destroy magi also known as abominations for the evil their magic is.One day, Edin is attacked by a monster. In a desperate attempt to save himself and his best friend, he produces a magic barrier, demonstrating to everyone that he himself is a magi and bringing down the wrath of the Por Fen on himself and his family.He is soon forced from his home and must embark on a deadly journey through a wilderness full of monstrous beasts, both man and animal–with commoners and nobles alike ready to slay him at every turn.Edin will need all his skills–even magic–if he’s to survive in a world bent on ...
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