Nik Maguire
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 79

Beyond PPC – Ground-breaking strategies for digital marketing lead generation when pay per click failsDiscover how to create new lead sources (even if you have never done PPC)Understand how to improve advert resultsDiscover LinkedIn for B2B lead generationUnderstand features in Facebook beyond the Boost buttonLearn how to make your content go furtherWhat to do when your PPC leads dry up?Are you struggling to convert clicks from PPC?Is the price of Pay Per Click advertising too high?Do your keywords have too much competition?Do you want to find more customers with less competition and get more conversions?BEYOND PPC will teach you exactly that! If you have never ventured outside of SEO and google Ads then this book will provide a foundation for alternative lead generate strategies.Here’s What You Get: Frameworks to the methodology of sales funnels, social media marketing, split ...
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