David Colello
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 62

Save $1,000's in day care costs by becoming a stay at home or work at home father! Let an expert dad convince you to make the switch in this hilarious short read.Parenting is hard, but becoming a stay home father? That can feel as if you've just entered the Twilight Zone!Why is this book right for you?Simple. Most parenting books ask you to study a 300 page manual full of sunshine and roses. Don't waste your time! New parents don't want step by step instructions (this stuff isn't rocket science). What dads like you need is a tough as nails soldier who has seen the horrors of the parenting trenches firsthand. You need someone to slap you hard in the face and get you back onto the battlefield ready for war.In short, this book has everything you need to hear, but none of the empty page fillers found in most parenting books.The author David Colello is a grizzled veteran who you want by your ...
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