Rebecca P. Minor
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 296

When Vinyanel Ecleriast narrowly escapes an assassination attempt right in the halls of the elven royal fortress, it becomes all too clear that his enemies are wasting no time in exploiting a breach in the magic that has protected the elven capital for millennia.Aided by an unlikely squadron of a prophetess, a marksman, a bookish swordsman, and the very assassin that tried to relieve Vinyanel of his head, he sets out on a quest to plug the leak that complacency created. The search for five vital talismans will test Vinyanel’s fledgling Windrider squadron as he discovers there are some problems even having a silver dragon for a mount cannot solve.With every victory, Vinyanel makes new enemies, one of which may be a supernatural adversary, or else a manifestation of madness. This new foe wrenches Vinyanel’s demons into the light and poisons him with doubt about his abilities, purpose ...
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