Bruce Polky
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 136

How do two young women become the most important humans in history?Bess is training to be the first human on Mars, fighting other hopefuls, the establishment, and her father who thinks she should be home starting a family.Iylsa wants to get away from an abusive past, and Mars is about as far away as you can get.The team is struggling to put a person on Mars when a signal from space changes everything. Mars is no longer the target, they need to go much, much further. The military, the politicians, and others fight over who should go, and what their goals should be. Bess and Iylsa become embroiled in a fight between powers that are used to making their own rules.Deep under Russian ice, Observers from light years away are watching and analyzing. Their experiment is coming to an end, and they are not happy with the outcome.Can two young women get the chance to fly, and if they do, will they ...
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