Lydia Lin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 259

Aged eighteen, her innocence was taken from her in a most brutal, traumatic way. However, young rape victim Lydia would not let her ability to trust and love others to be destroyed no matter how many times she was hurt or betrayed. An inspiring true story of emotional strength and endurance, “Ending My Silence” celebrates Lydia’s courage in overcoming her trauma and finding her voice.Lydia was raised and brainwashed to believe her worth, her feelings, and her actions were all in the hands of her parents. As she grew up she began to wonder, question, and struggle with these control methods and began to imagine a different life from the path that she was set on. She could not have imagined how her childhood upbringing would affect her decisions as an adult, the pain she would experience, and the ultimate choices she would have to make for her future.
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