Dick Wybrow
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 527

Painter Mann is dead... and he's in trouble.As the world's only ghost private investigator, Painter has sworn to help the murder victims stuck in the InBetween by solving their cases so that they can pass into the next realm.But as he hunts down a serial killer on a cross-country murder frenzy, he discovers an army of the dead is preparing to wage war on the living.Only one thing stands in their way: a small-time ghost PI named Painter Mann. "Dick Wybrow is the perfect fix for Dean Koontz fans looking for a new obsession."-- James, GoodReads 5-star review"This story is mind boggling. It takes a genius (or madman) to think this stuff up. A true page turner. Can't wait to read his next story. Believe me, you will love this book."-- V. Torres, Amazon 5-star review
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4.5 stars from 54 ratings
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