Aidy Award
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 210

Strange Magic, a Curvy Witch, and a Dirty Dragon ~ Dax:There's something strange in this neighborhood.Who ya gonna call?Dragon Warriors!It will be a piece of cake to keep the Troika Wolf Pack pups and their adorably cute nanny safe from the non-existent threat.The Black Dragon isn't interested in wolf cubs.But I'm interested in sticking around to see if their nanny wants to have some fun. In my bed.Jules:Argh! The dragon warrior sent here to help me protect the pups is completely infuriating.He's great with the kids (which I wouldn't have expected), and I want to kiss him until I can't see straight (which is completely distracting.)But I keep having visions of a mysterious figure who is trying to change everyone's fate. She's very powerful and is blocking my second sight so I can't see enough to protect any of us.Except when I'm with the dragon - then I see a future I'm even more scared ...
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