Victoria H. Smith
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 146

*** Includes an exclusive bonus scene only available with the purchase of this set!***- EPISODES 1-4 OF THE BESTSELLING SERIAL -The Panthera (pan · ther· a): noun. a lost island nation with the power of the pantherPantheress or "she-panthera": noun. a female panthera, vulnerable in numbers yet powerfulDr. Shanora Renee Dalton: human--she thinks. the one they're looking for... the strongest of them allShanoraI've studied the Aruti people for a long time and the world knows their story. They were a great people eliminated by catastrophic events; natural events but tragic nonetheless. I'm fascinated with the extraordinary wonder of their legacy, and my classes gather droves of students just wanting to learn more. It's under that umbrella I meet Gael, a businessman who's curious about my research. His company wishes to fund me for continued findings and the man himself... well, there's a ...
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