Caleb Flemming
ASIN: B07Q8SN279
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 28

Are you contemplating starting a martial art or self defence class? A lot of adults consider starting a martial arts class, but never get around to making the first move. This doesn't have to be the case. Reading this short book, will help you to:-Decide, whether a fighting class is for you-Identify and analyse the excuses that might be stopping you from starting a martial art-Overcome any self doubts-Get fitter and stronger and better conditioned for fighting -Point you in the direction of resources that will help you-Prepare you for your first martial arts class-Help you to keep training in your chosen fighting art for years to come-Avoid common sports injuriesIn this short book, Caleb Flemming, draws on personal experience, to help you decide whether starting a fighting class/martial art, is the right thing for you. Caleb was 45 when he resumed martial arts training after a 30 year ...
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