Giovanna Reaves
Publisher: GiaReaves Romance Books
Pages: 186

A promise broken, is a promise not treasured.Winter Di MatteoWinter made a promise to his best friend Caroline the day she died that he would take care of her son. He was ready to put finding his mate on hold, making Connor his top priority. Until a knock on his front door changes his plans.Creed MakamiFor twenty-four years Creed served his country proudly and was ready to start living as a civilian. A few months before retiring from the service, devastating news about his brother Richard and his mate brings him home quicker than expected. Finding out that he has a nephew, gives him a new mission. Two men and the baby in the middle.What happens when Winter, and Creed meet? Will they deny their attraction to each other as they try to keep their promise to their loved ones?
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