Lawson McDowell
Publisher: Rawr Publishing Company
Pages: 26

A quick read, true short story. This account is based on a recorded conversation with one of America’s most sinister and feared killers. Background research into a Charles Manson's story carried its own risks. The Devil was caged, but still possessed a dangerous reach through thousands of followers. Both the prison and my friends warned me about Manson, but I charged ahead. I knew from the moment Manson followers called our home that I was in for a rough ride. After the Family’s interrogation and vetting, things got even rougher when the demon himself called. I fought my fears every time we spoke. Was I being a fool? Was I putting my family in harm’s way? Only time would reveal the answer. In 2019, America marked the 50th anniversary of the horrific Manson Family murders. There is more to the story than most realize. Contains strong language.
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