Sarah Gay
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 176

A hopelessly romantic New York Times Bestselling Author and a tough Navy SEAL. Romantic comedy at its finest.Paxton Terrence, a retired Navy SEAL is apprehensive after losing the woman he thought he’d spend forever with. At first glance, Annie, the woman he agreed to watch and protect is the woman who could heal his broken heart. The only problem, his rich cousin, Kai, jumped in front of him to get the girl. Annie has a deadline to keep. Jilted in love—again—she decides to train Kai, an unsuspecting and adorable beau, to be her perfect mate utilizing standard doggy training techniques. What Annie doesn’t expect is the undeniable attraction she feels for Paxton, a retired Navy SEAL who pops up everywhere she goes.With the help of a professional trainer, Annie works to certify her own puppy, an undisciplined Yorkshire Terrier, to become a therapy dog. With the knowledge she gleans from ...
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