Warwick Gleeson
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 318

"Jaded sci-fi and fantasy readers should flock to this fearlessly inventive narrative..."   - Kirkus ReviewsTHE AGE OF OZ BEGINS.  May the best evil win.At one time the Grand Sorceress of the Holy Roman Empire, but now seeking bit parts in the Book of Mormon on Broadway, Piper Robbin is determined to remake her life in old New York, that is, until her father Edison Godfellow returns from the future with a homicidal alien on his tail. What happens next is stranger than fiction. For the human species, it is the end of history, the end of sanity, and for any who survive, the end of life as they know it.As the city-worlds of Oz rise beyond the clouds, the alien evil--having possessed the body of a Berkeley psychoanalyst--dubs itself the Witch Queen and seeks to establish her own new order of genocide. Piper soon realizes she must put aside a centuries-old rivalry with her worst enemy ...
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