Jim Henderson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 260

Ximon and his unique crew continue their adventures on the retired Republic scout ship -- The Mantis. War has flared up and Ximon and Mantis have been called back to service to fill the gaps left by the redeployment of Navy and Scout forces to the front. Mantis is called to duty battling pirates from lonely outposts, doing deadly resupply runs to allies in a war zone, and then expanding Republic influence into unclaimed regions of the frontier. In this they deal with teams of diplomats, terrorists, scatter-brained scientists, hyper-efficient robots, and ships and stations facing disaster. To top it off, Ximon has to deal with his own sexy companion robot and the intelligent ship’s computer, both of whom have their own ideas of how they should “evolve.”If you like space role-playing games like Traveller or Starfinder or hard sci-fi and space opera novels with a Firefly or ...
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