Kim Carmichael
Publisher: Irksome Rebel Press
Pages: 417

More than music is made in this rock star reverse harem romance.In order for Vienna Charleston to win back her crown as pop’s princess, all she needs to do is stay out of the tabloids, lose some weight, and rewind some years. However, with her star fading, the executives from her record label burst her pop bubble when they insist she become the lead singer for an all male rock band or face financial and public ruin by breaking her contract.After the suicide of their lead singer, the members of the Archangels band have been stuck in purgatory. Broke and trapped in a bad contract that gives the label complete control of their creative endeavors, they’re at the mercy of whatever the executives have in store for them, even if it’s bringing in a spoiled diva as their lead.Between the charming longhaired drummer who wants to sleep with her, the intellectual keyboardist who wants her to ...
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