A.E. Currie
Publisher: WorkingProgram
Pages: 205

My name is Lee and I was born on the 8th January 2025 - the day the Panopticon was turned on.In 2053, Earth is a changed place. City states make their own laws and we’re all watched over by the ever present drones.I reckon the new Earth is a utopia. We’re still alive aren’t we? What more do people want? It’s been more than a decade since the Hot Summer. I remember when none of us thought we’d make it this long. Not everyone agrees our lives are better under the Panopticon. Someone is trying to bring down the present order and return everything to how it was. It’s up to me to stop them.Before it’s too late.Utopia Five is a gripping science fiction thriller set in a high-surveillance future. It is both a standalone action novel and the first in a new series: the Panopticon. The complete Panopticon trilogy is now available on Amazon (Utopia Five, Conundra, & Denizen ...
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