River Norwood
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 149

Clean - Historical - Shifter - RomanceNo sexual content or language.This book is an introduction to a new series, and is mild in the area of actual shifting which will come later in the series. In the beginning is a simply written account of the legend, introducing this new spin on wolf shifters. Kato Hunter was restless and bored. He began spending his evenings at the barn where orchestrated fights took place, though his brothers didn't care for the idea. One night, he comes across someone in trouble and can't turn away. He didn't know this someone would change everything.Kaitlyn MacGuire just wanted to spend an evening away from her father and brother. When she gets caught at the fights, the only one there to rescue her is Kato Hunter, the fighter she'd been admiring from the barn loft for a while now. She just didn't know that he happened to be a Transit, a wolf-man. She also didn't ...
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