Nik Whittaker
ASIN: B07R21DN98
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 526

"If you want an injection of cyberpunk high tech low life, this book will give it to you in spades."- Amazon Review.Ex-Cop and Private Detective Xander Draven had resorted to protection work when he is visited by the synthetic replica of a murdered CEO's grieving widow who wants him to track down the killer. Meanwhile, Julian Travitz, a hacker/reporter and his A.I. companion Quartzig, are searching for the next big story and become drawn into the dark past of technology megacorporation CyberBionics.Along the way, they encounter clones, rogue A.I.'s, psychopaths, priests, and plans that could change the status quo of the city forever.If you like fast-paced, high-tech, futuristic thrillers with a diverse range of unique characters, then step into the Neon Helix Universe today!"A great read, action from the start and good plot and twists." - Amazon Review.
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