Debby Conrad
Publisher: Debby Conrad
Pages: 255

He can’t decide if he’s lucky or doomed . . .Rowan Kavanagh bites off more than he can chew when he takes over his dying father’s ski resort. He had no idea how much work was needed to make the place a success. It’s a money pit for sure and he soon finds himself turned upside down. What he needs is a little more time and lots of money, not some tight-ass banker who keeps threatening him with foreclosure. What she needs is to get laid. That should not only loosen her up but put a smile on her face as well. Emma Fischer doesn’t have time for Rowan’s games, lies, broken promises or his sexy dimples and rippling muscles. She takes her job seriously, which is why she was named VP of her grandfather’s bank. While Abel Fischer is a softie and has been known to make some bad investments, including the loan he made to Rowan, she is all business and nothing like him. She is not about to let the ...
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