MaryAnna Rose
Publisher: Rose Haus
Pages: 334

A Jewish girl on the run. A German soldier sent to catch her. Neither could imagine the deadly choices they’d face.Lena Weismann isn’t surprised when she’s arrested and shoved on a train. But everything stops making sense when a soldier helps her escape. Why doesn’t he ignore her or hate her like everyone else? Karl Von Liedersdorf always followed orders. Always, that is, until a chance assignment throws a girl in his path. Now nothing’s black and white. Keeping her safe becomes his mission, but everything is against him. Especially her.Unguarded is the first book in The Ties of Blood historical romance series. If you like intense emotional journeys filled with heart breaking choices and pages that’ll grip you till the earliest morning hours, you’ll love MaryAnna Rose’s series set in the tragic chaos of the second world war.Buy Unguarded today and start the journey.
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