Zane Michaelson
Publisher: Happy Ever After Publishing
Pages: 138

Twenty-one-year-old Tyson Reece is down on his luck.Suddenly finding himself unemployed; pride and his upbringing keep him from accepting handouts, either from his best friend Kyle, or the government.Broke, hungry and alone, Tyson succumbs to a last resort, contacting Kieran Wayland, his depraved ex.Sensing an opportunity, a spur of the moment decision brings the police crashing into Tyson's world, setting in motion a chain of events he could never have predicted.Zara Mulaney, a newly promoted DI, is watching Wayland from afar, convinced he is part of an underworld organisation responsible for a spate of terrifying murders across the city.Quietly investigating Kieran, she is outsmarted at every turn and believes he is protected by other high-ranking officers within the force.In a last ditch effort, she approaches Tyson, hoping he is the last piece in the puzzle; the one who can finally ...
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