Michelle Ziegler
Publisher: Hearth Publishing
Pages: 166

Finders keepers, she found him - now does she want him? My magic called and I followed. Even if that got me a chicken and a crappy inn. Still being in a mountain town full of mystery is better than acheating ex and a crazy family. Right?One look at the grumpy guy next door and I know he's what I came to find. But why? Also, why is flannel so damn sexy?I don't want a man, a bear shifter, with an emotional wall so high I'dneed oxygen just to get to the top. Then again I don't want this stupidchicken I'm growing attached too either. When it comes to Caleb though, I don't think I ever had a choice.Fate has a plan and I can't say no.**This book is part of an intertwined series. They are all stand alone,but characters from other books pop up here and there. Read them inany order if you choose.***************Marci, a magical PI,can find anything except for the secret to her happiness. Led by ...
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4.5 stars from 63 ratings
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