Ivy Clyde
Publisher: Sleepy Cats and Hooting Owls Publishing
Pages: 414

Three sexy dragonborn princes. An assassin with an erased past. And the impossible mission of assassinating the dragon emperor.I have spent my whole life training to be an assassin of Linmoor Valley, an underground gild of the world’s most lethal merceneries. My past is a blank, my master merciless. I kill on command, no questions asked.Life changes after the day I’m sent to the town’s brothel to make a kill.The people who ordered the killing now want me to execute the greatest assassination of our time. Their mission is simple: Kill the tyrant dragon emperor and bring peace to the four kingdoms.A wiser assassin would refuse the impossible. But I can’t.From the moment I see the three dragon born princes, I know I belong to them. And they, to me.Assassinating the emperor is no longer my only mission. I must protect the three princes, for they are the only hope of reviving the four ...
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