Jonathan Green
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 88

Who else wants their dream book written today?If you can speak out loud, then YOU have what it takes to become a lightning-fast, bestselling author.Most people dream of writing a book, but those manuscripts end up shoved away in dusty drawers, half-finished and abandoned to be eaten by moths.Many of them are great writers, many of them have great ideas. Yet so many people come to the conclusion that they'll never finish their books.Why? Because they aren't following a proven system.Maybe this is you right now.Maybe you believe that you're not good enough, that you'll never have enough time, or that it's a terrible book idea.You wonder how on earth other people manage to find time to write alongside their jobs, family and other commitments.But the assumption that writing is a slow process and books take six months or years to write is outdated.You can easily increase your efficiency ...
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