Susan Warner
Publisher: EG Publishing
Pages: 176

Once upon a time she believed in him. Now he’s banking on that faith to give their love a chance.Ethan Young understood the town of Sweet Blooms had already passed judgement on him when he was born. He came from the wrong side of the tracks. The best he could hope for was not to wind up in jail. Lydia Mason saw something in him that made him into the wealthy entrepreneur he is today. Now the town of Sweet Blooms needs a miracle of money and investment to save it. Ethan Young will save the day if Lydia Mason makes an honest man of him in front of the town and pretends to be in a relationship with him.The only two things constant in Lydia Mason’s life is living in Sweet Blooms and loving Ethan Young. When he comes back to Sweet Blooms, she’s not sure if the boy she loved is still in there but she’s willing to take a chance. Can a fake relationship give two souls the opportunity to ...
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