Anthea Sharp
Publisher: Fiddlehead Press
Pages: 281

What happens when gaming is your life? Explore the fast-paced world of GameLit in these ten stories by bestselling, award-winning authors. Gain levels! Win fat loot! And hang on as these tales take you from a grim dystopian world to a fantasy landscape where nothing is quite as it - NYT bestselling author Alethea KontisIn this futuristic retelling of Sleeping Beauty, a gamer hacktivist tries to take down the world’s largest matchmaking site…and stumbles on a side quest he never bargained for.Husk - Stephen LandryAdventure, excitement, the never ending thrill of discovering new worlds in an ever expanding sci-fi setting. All fun and games until you find yourself crashing with a bout of amnesia on an unknown alien world with no escape, and mystery down every corridor. Battle Mage - USA Today bestselling author Pauline CreedenCan a clan master control a player both ...
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