Anthony Boundy
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 144

The lucky people in Japan have the highest longevity rate and lowest case of obesity of any other country. They are a healthy, vigorous society, and their diet is a large part of that.This Life-Affirming Japanese Cookbook has recipes that are both delicious and beneficial. The mainstay of Japanese cooking is fish, with its important Omega-3 fatty acids, lots of fresh vegetables, soy products and some meat. There is very little bread. Fresh food cooked with Japanese flavorings such as sake, rice white and a bit of sugar makes for a tasty combination. The soups and other dishes in this Life-Affirming Japanese Cookbook are fresher, healthier and more delectable than the take-out you are used to.Incorporate freshness and bold flavors into your lifestyle. In addition to superior health, this diet is also a major cause of the smooth, glowing skin of which Japanese women are so proud.
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