Narendra Mohan Mittal
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 980

How to Use This BookWhen you engage in a research project, you set out to explore a curious social phenomenon, start getting information to answer the questions you have or verify a theory that you have learned. In this book, we compare research on a journey; it is a path to the unknown and an exciting process of discovery. Like a journey, you will need some background information to decide on a destination (i.e., select a topic), prepare a roadmap and a plan (i.e., write a proposal of your research designs), and make observations during your journey (i.e., collect data).Table of Contents1.What Is Research?2.Thesis Structure and Writing Skills3.How to Write the Best Literature Review?4.How to Perform Primary Research?5.How to perform Data Analysis for Research Data?6.Ethical Research Principles and Values7.How to Perform Qualitative Research?8.How to Improve Academic Writing ...
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